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I have worked with Meghan for over 10 years, both as a colleague and an editor assigning her freelance work, and know that I can pass her any kind of story with confidence. Whether it’s a fun product roundup, a dramatic as-told-to or a heavily-reported health feature, she gets the job done quickly, enthusiastically and—most importantly—professionally, with style and determination to get all the facts necessary, by any means necessary.
— Camille Chatterjee, Staff Content Strategist at Johnson & Johnson
Meghan is a whip-smart editor and writer. There aren’t many classically trained journalists left, and Meghan has the chops and chutzpah to prove she’s one of them. I consider myself beyond fortunate to have worked for Meghan early on in my career. Since then, she has written for me. Meghan is the boss everyone wishes they had, the copy boot camp every writer should undergo, and the writer that every assigning editor needs to have on speed dial.
— Sharon J. Yi, Senior Executive Director, Branded Content at CLIQUE Media
I’ve had the amazing fortune to work with Meghan Rabbitt for many years. She’s a gifted writer, consistently hardworking, and she doesn’t quit on a story. Meghan is an exceptional ideator, and her concepts are fresh and on-target. I’ve also worked with Meghan as my editor. She’s thorough and conscientious, guiding her writers from assignment to completion. She advocates for her writers, and never fails to bring passion and energy to every piece. Meghan is one of those rare finds in the industry who you never want to lose because she always delivers quality work, and she never shies away from a challenging story.
— Jessica Downey, founder of Indelible Media
Not only does Meghan get the facts, she gets them right every time. And then she weaves them together into a story with elegance, nuance, and wisdom. She’s a reporter, an analyst, a thinker, and a beautiful stylist. That’s a rare combination, which could explain why I hire her every chance I get.
— Marty Munson, content strategist and former deputy editor of Dr. Oz The Good Life